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Harry Potter Birthday Party Harry Potter Party Entertainment with Professor Snape and Bellatrix

For wizards and witches of all ages. This is a popular choice for muggle holiday gatherings and adult events as well as children’s birthday parties.

Harry Potter Characters For Kids Parties Spells & Wizard Training

Bring the school of witchcraft and wizardry right to your own backyard. Your little apprentice will watch the magic unfold as their favorite Harry Potter characters perform a lively wand/spell casting bout that ends in a sword fight with the sword of Gryffindor, then sort the children into houses. Our characters will make your birthday child the star little wizard in training of the day as they open the children’s imaginations to the world of magic and spells. But not to worry, our expertly trained staff knows how to reverse them all! You can also choose to add our treasure hunt option, where the young wizards are following clues as part of their training that lead them up to a hidden chest at the end (we provide the chest, you provide the magical goodies inside). Your child is of course the only wizard with strong enough powers to open the chest and becomes the hero of the day as they share the contents with their party guests. Many of our clients provide wands for the chest so the characters can teach the kids a true swish and flick before they depart.

Harry Potter Party Harry Potter Party Entertainment with Harry, Hermoine and Ron Harry Potter Party Entertainment with Professor McDonagal

Harry Potter Muggle Quidditch Birthday Party (Ages 7 and up)

Our most popular package for older wizards - adults too! Our muggle friendly staff bring all the equipment needed to play this sport on land (sorry, we’re not quite magical enough to teach the kids how to fly on brooms. We’re working on it.) After showing your guests their own wizard skills in their short performance, the characters sort your guests into houses, teach the rules of the game and assign positions and teams according to their assigned houses. Then the actual matches will begin! And if your little wizards have wands at the ready, we can save time at the end for some spell casting games as well.

Harry Potter Party Harry Potter with Professor Snape party entertainment Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter Fencing Birthday Party (Ages 8 and up)

Every witch/wizard-in-training should learn to wield a sword in addition to their magic wand. Our characters perform a lively wand/spell casting bout that ends in a sword fight with the sword of Gryffindor, then teach your birthday party guests how to swordfight by using fencing. Choose from your favorite Potter characters and they will bring all the necessary gear (jackets, masks, and fencing foils) needed for magical swordplay fun. The kids suit up and fence each other then enjoy safe and fun group fencing games. At the end, to make your child’s birthday even more magical, they get to duel one of their favorite characters in front of all their classmates to win the coveted birthday medal of wizardry.

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Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

The wizarding world is an endless source of inspiration when it comes to planning the perfect party! There are plenty of ideas out there, but trying to figure out the most cost-effective options can be a bit tricky. So here are some of our most favorite options!

1. Bowtruckles

You may remember these little creatures from the most recent film of the franchise “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Newt Scamander carried around one of these cuties in his pocket! You can easily make bowtruckles using 4 basic materials: green pipe cleaners, glue, fake leaves, and black beads. All you have to do is cut the green pipe cleaners into smaller pieces: 1 for the body, 1 for the arms, 2 for the legs, and any extra could be to make hands. Then you just twist the pieces around each other! Simple as that! You can glue beads on the face and leaves on the head for a finishing touch. But just like that you have a really cute activity and party favor for young witches and wizards to take home!

For an easier step-by-step approach check out the following:

2. Pygmy Puffs

Another super cute activity to do for a Harry Potter themed birthday party is to make pygmy puffs. These cute balls of fluff are available for purchasing online, but buying enough for everyone can get pricey. To make a pygmy puff, there are several options. You can just get pom poms of various colors and just glue googly eyes onto them. Or you can make your own pom poms using a pom pom maker. You can buy one at any craft store for relatively cheap. If you go this route, it’s best to use purple or pink yarn (since they come in either color depending on if you are going by the books or the films). Then you can make your own pom poms and just glue the eyes! For an added touch, you can print out adoption papers! This way all the witches and wizards in attendance can formally adopt and name their very own pygmy puff.

Your introduction to making Pygmy Puffs:

3. Divination Games

In the world of Harry Potter, fortune telling and prophecies are a big part of the storyline. A really cool activity uses cups, ice, food coloring, and Sprite! It’s super simple. Just put food coloring the bottom of a cup. Cover it with ice, as a way to hide it. Then hand the cups to the kids and pour in the sprite. The color will change before their very eyes revealing their future! You can have the colors of their drinks represent anything from what their future job will be in the wizarding world to something as simple as good health or fortune.

Here are so more magical divination games:

4. Wand Making

The perfect Harry Potter birthday party would not be complete without wands! Buying wands online may not be the best for your wallet. But making wands is not only inexpensive, but allows for a more personal touch. You can either make the wands beforehand for the witches and wizards, or you could have the kids make them! All you need are wooden dowels, a hot glue gun, and paint. Using the hot glue gun, cover the base of the wooden dowel with glue to create the handle of the wand. It does not have to be pretty. Just be creative! Allow the glue time to dry. Once it’s done, you can paint the wands! You can use various colors of browns, grays, and blacks. If you’re feeling adventurous you can add colors like purple, blue, or green. After all the wands have dried you can hand them out!

If you want an even more magical time: hire a Hogwarts Professor to come an teach your young witches and wizards some spells! Currently we have Remus Lupin and Severus Snape on our roster, but you could even have Hermione Granger, the star pupil herself, attend the party to share her secret to casting the perfect Wingardium Leviosa! Call us today at 818-669-3302 or email us at for more info on our birthday party character entertainment options!

Here’s a super cool website to help you with your wandmaking:

5. Potions

Making potions is one of the coolest, but can also be one of the messier activities for a Harry Potter birthday party! There are plenty of simple science experiments like homemade lava lamps, invisible ink, slime, etc. All of the recipes for these are available online. A simple google search will help find the best recipe for your budget. You can just rename the experiments to something more magical like Wolfsbane, Skele-Gro, or Felix Felicis! But what would potions be without Professor Snape?! Luckily Prof. Snape is one of the many Harry Potter characters that we offer for birthday parties! So if you are interested in how Prof. Snape can come to your birthday party feel free to call us at 818.669.3302 or send us an email at for more info!

For some DIY Potion making here’s another magical link:

6. Quidditch

The most popular game in the wizarding world of Harry Potter! But how exactly do you play Quidditch if it involves flying on brooms? Well, that’s why there’s the Muggle form of Quidditch. In this version, there is no flying. Running with brooms is optional.

A typical game of Muggle Quidditch involves a total of 6 hoops on stands (3 for each team), 1 quaffle, and 6 bludgers. Technically the quaffle could be a big bouncy ball while the bludgers could be smaller bouncy balls. The golden snitch is played by a person, so need to find one of those for the game. There are 7 players for each team, but depending on the amount of witches and wizards present you can alter who plays what position. Per team there is 1 Keeper (acts as a goalie), 3 chasers (which are the only 2 players that can score with the quaffle), 2 beaters (they prevent the chasers from scoring using the bludgers to hit them), and 1 Seeker (they only have to catch the golden snitch). Whoever is playing the golden snitch is not on a team. Their job is simple, enter the game after a few minutes and try to not get caught by a seeker. If a seeker catches the golden snitch, the game is over.

If you find all of this terminology confusing, no worries! You can also hire Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, along with many others to come to your birthday party and not only explain the rules of Quidditch to you and your magical friends, but they’ll play with you! Typically for our Quidditch birthday parties, we bring all the equipment: hoops, balls, etc. so all you need as an open space to play the game! These parties are usually about 1.5 hours due to explaining the rules of the game. Once the rules are explained, your young witches and wizards will be playing with the best of them! By the end of the party, they will be prepared for Quidditch tryouts by the time they get to Hogwarts! So call us at 818.669.3302 or email us at for more information on how we can have you create the most magical Harry Potter birthday party ever!

Harry Potter Party Entertainment Harry Potter Party Entertainment Harry Potter Party with Hermoine

What satisfied clients have said about our appearances...

"What a great party we had yesterday. The kids had so much fun! Snape and Harry were beyond excellent. Not only were they spot on with the characters, they did such a great job with the kids . All the adults thought it was hilarious and an incredible time. It was honestly the best party we've ever had. All 3 of my kids are completely hooked on fencing now, so I'm sure we'll be seeing you in the near future. My son, Connor, loved it, so please pass on our thanks to Harry and Snape for making his day so magical."

"We throughly enjoyed the show yesterday and wanted to thank the actors one more time for an excellent job. Their enthusiasm made the party absolutely memorable for the kids and parents alike. They were great in character and kept the kids captivated with the story and games."

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