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No matter what your age, medieval knights never go out of style. We provide expertly choreographed sword fight shows for festivals, weddings and corporate events, as well as our children’s birthday party packages below.

Medieval Knight Birthday Party

If your child fancies themselves a dragonslayer and runs around the house with a sword and shield, then this birthday party package is for you! We are all about girl power at Action Events, so you can even hire a female knight or medieval princess. Your child and their fellow squires get to help the good knight defeat the bad in an epic sword fight, then become knighted themselves. Our characters take the kids off on an adventure of performing knightly deeds, and dragon taming/slaying - whichever they prefer. You can also add our treasure hunt option, where our knights and your child lead their friends on a quest to find the secret treasure. Upon solving the final riddle, your child finds the treasure and unlocks it with their skills of strength, honor and courage and shares the contents of the chest with their friends (we provide the chest, you provide the treasure). For extra swordplay fun you can also put foam swords in the chest and our characters will teach the newly knighted children how to wield their swords like a pro.

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Medieval Knight Fencing Birthday Party (Ages 8 and up)

For the wise and brave knight who is ready to sharpen their swordplay skills. Our knights perform a live sword fight of epic proportions then begin teaching the kids the basics of fencing. Our staff will provide all the gear (jackets, masks, and fencing foils) required to teach the kids how to fight with courage and honor. Upon learning their new skill through safe and fun fencing games, your birthday knight or princess then duels one of our characters in a final match as their friends cheer them on to victory. It’s their special day, so they are sure to defeat even our most skilled of knights and win their birthday hero medallion.

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What satisfied clients have said about our appearances...

"This past Saturday was our son Jack's 8th birthday party, attended by all his friends and starring the superb entertainers from Swordplay. It was a resounding success, not only because the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly and were engaged and enthralled at all times but also because of the skill and professionalism of Sir Prize and Sir Loin of Beef. They were funny, entertaining, never broke character and led the kids on adventure after adventure with genuine good nature and appropriate humor. When the time arrived for Jack to receive his medallion from Sir Loin of Beef, there was an amazing look of pride on his face as well as awe in the faces of all his friends who looked on. Even several parents (myself included) were choked up at the spectacle of Jack taking a knee and being knighted. We want to  thank you for a fantastic and memorable time and look forward to  seeing you again in the future."

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