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People of all ages yearn for sword fighting adventures, action, and mystery. Add some extra excitement to your next pirate themed birthday party, festival, fundraiser or wedding with our pirate shows and shenanigans.

Kids Pirate Birthday Party Packages Pirate Treasure Hunt

Our pirate entertainers will make it a birthday your child will never forget. Action packed from start to finish, including a live sword fight and hunt for pirate treasure. Your child is the star little pirate in training of the day, as the pirates take them and their friends through a series of challenges, games and riddle solving that lead them to secret hidden treasure. (We provide the chest, you supply the pirate loot.) Your child is the only one who possesses the key to unlock the chest and find the pirate loot inside to share with their mates. For some added swordplay fun, many of our clients opt to put foam pirate swords in the chest and our actors teach the kids some piratey sword skills before they jump on their ship and set sail for the seven seas.

Pirate Party Entertainment Kids Pirate Party

Pirate Fencing Birthday Party (Ages 8 and up)

Gear up for a pirate birthday party full of sword fighting fun! After watching the pirate entertainers duel it out in live sword fight, the kids will suit up and learn how to sword fight themselves, through safe and fun fencing games. Our pirate crew will provide all the equipment necessary (jackets, masks, and fencing foils). The party ends with your child dueling one of our pirates in a fencing match as their mates cheer them on to victory and they are awarded the birthday hero medallion of awesomeness.

Pirate Party Pirate Beach Party

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Pirate Party Pirate Party

What satisfied clients have said about our appearances...

"My wife and I wanted to express how much we loved your pirates. Both “Jack Sparrow” and “Elizabeth” were far beyond our expectations. Jack’s swagger and hand motions are a dead-on likeness from the movie. And Elizabeth was even prettier than Kiera Nightly and was wonderful with the kids. They are so convincing that our 5-year old really believes that THE Captain Jake Sparrow and Elizabeth came to his party."

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Pirate Party Party Entertainment

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