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Camps and School Enrichment

Action Events LA offers after school enrichment programs as well as summer camps. Like our parties, we have many different character themes to choose from!

Harry Potter Summer Camp Jedi camp

Imagine a pirate camp. Or train to be a knight! Perhaps you fancy yourself as a Jedi, or a Superhero or maybe even a wizard? What about becoming an Olympic style fencer? Well we can have that fantasy and dream become a reality!

Camps and Enrichment programs include:

  • Sport Fencing
  • Jedi
  • Superhero
  • Wizard
  • Ninja

Just to name a few. Or you can mix themes within the session. Wizards on Monday, Superheroes on Tuesday and so forth.

Let your imagination go crazy! There is no other program like ours!

All camps and after school programs come with an educational them as well as a lot of fun!

To build your program, and for price quotes, please call us at (818) 421-2926 or email us at

Let’s create amazing memories for your children!

Parents: If you would like to set up a program like this at your school, please contact us and lead us to the person to talk to at your child’s school or organization.

Adventure camp Fencing School Enrichment Class

To build your program, and for price quotes, please call us at 818-669-3302 or 818-261-0878 or email us at

Light Saber Camp Shakespeare school enrichment

Action Events LA has over 20 years of experience in making dreams come true!