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Our Pokemon party characters will have your little one ready to be a Pokemon Master in no time. You’ll watch as the kids learn how to be Pokemon trainers, learn about different types of Pokemon, how to hunt/track them, and how to properly throw a Pokeball! We even have a hunt option (we bring the chest and you fill it with whatever Pokemon/favors you want them to find at the end). Or you can hide the favors in your yard ahead of time for the kids to hunt (think of it as a real-life version of Pokemon Go just without all the phones). There are plenty options for a Pokemon-themed birthday party, so feel free to contact us and personalize your own adventure today!

Pokemon party entertainment Pokemon party entertainment

Our characters can come to your location or you can host your birthday party at our studio in Burbank. Call for pricing and availability today: 818.669.3302 or email

Pokemon party entertainment Pokemon party entertainment
Pokemon Birthday Party or Special Event Ideas

With Pokemon Go at your child's fingertips, and the recent exciting announcement of the Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie, our Pokemon characters Ash, Misty, and Brock have been busy jumping from one kids party to the next and trying to catch 'em all! They ended up at this Los Angeles birthday party, where they came to a head with Team Rocket and in a brave stand-off and taught their new Pokemon masters how to defeat the villainous duo!

As Team Rocket walked away in defeat, these young Pokemon masters were then taught how to use their powers for greater good. They were educated in all types of Pokemon and taught how to track them all from the Jigglypuff to the fierce Charmander to the favored Pikachu himself! They were then shown just how to throw a Pokeball and catch their own Pokemon pets. This kids party even had the option to go on a treasure hunt and find fun Pokemon party favors. After all the party games were said and done, the birthday girl blew her candles with Ash, Misty, and Brock right by her side.

From Marvel and DC comic book characters to legendary video game icons like Pokemon, Action Events LA will meet your birthday party entertainment needs to make your child's party an adventure they'll never forget.

Pokemon party entertainment Pokemon party entertainment

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